In addition to being the author of The Rainbow Blueprint and two other books, Gilat Ben-Dor is an engaging, dynamic professional speaker. An active Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, Gilat has spoken to a wide range of groups nationwide. In fact, her first keynote speech was in 1998 to 1,100 people in Japan!

Bring a live keynote or author event with Gilat Ben-Dor to your organization.

As a compliment to the message of her book, The Rainbow Blueprint: An Action Journal for Those With Many Passions, Gilat offers a special presentation, 

Your Rainbow Blueprint: A Prism of Clarity™.

Filled with opportunities for group participation and personal reflection, this presentation can be presented as both a workshop or a traditional keynote speech format. Both business and personal-growth seeking groups can benefit from this message of finding stillness, focus, and renewed purpose through this pairing of live engagement and versatile tools.

Live autograph session included with presentation package. Contact Gilat Ben-Dor today for booking information. 

Additional speaking opportunities:

Through GUSTO POWER™, her success development firm helping Multi-Passionate Professionals™, Gilat Ben-Dor also speaks and writes about empowering those who have numerous talents and interests. Gilat’s additional speaking topics are listed below. Please click on a speech below to learn more about it on the Speaking page of the GUSTO POWER™ website.

Like a Diamond: The Brilliance and Benefits of Multi-Faceted Careers

Creative Nine-to-Five: Branching Out While Punching In

GUSTO POWER™: Power Skills for the Multi-Passionate Professional